Dewa United Banten

Dewa United BC, commonly referred to as Dewa United Banten and colloquially known as Dewa United, is an Indonesian professional basketball team currently playing in the Indonesian Basketball League... Wikipedia

  • Leagues:  IBL, 2020–present
  • Founded:  2020
  • History:  Dewa United Surabaya (2020-2023), Dewa United Banten (2023-)
  • Arena:  Dewa United Arena
  • Location:  Surabaya, East Java, (2020-2023), Banten, Tangerang (since 2023)
  • Team colors:  Gold, White, Black
  • President:  Michael Oliver Wellerz
  • General manager:  Wijaya Saputra
  • Head coach:  Pablo Daniel Favarel
  • Affiliation(s):  Dewa United F.C.
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